Company: JDTech Services LLC
Owner: Jeremy R. Daniele

Message to Public:
This company is currently inactive and has been inactive since the end of December 2009 due to low profits.  I the owner currently work for another company and have plans to begin business under JD Tech Services but please wait until further notice.  We want to offer our web services in a different way so plans will take alittle time. We will provide updates as we receive them.
We do allow the public to request web services such as website hosting, website design, email hosting, and a few other services during our test period. Please see or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.
Here is our controlled WHO IS information. This is the best way to know if we own or control a domain. We do register our domains with the same information. If the registrar doesn't match our submitted information and we've listed the domain here then we stand by this list regardless of any other record. If the domain isn't listed then the searched WHO IS information is as is. Please see for our WHO IS information.
We started a universal site map for any domain in our WHO IS that is one of our current projects. Any domain we have not listed simply is not important to us. Please see for our site map information.

If you have any questions and/or concerns please email me directly at:

You may also contact us through our forum: